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I may stand before you in six months and say, hey, I was wrong. I don’t know I’ll ever admit that. I’ll find some excuse. Obviously, this is all tremendously complicated by the existence of other bodies in the universe. While their gravitational influence may be smaller, they make true Lagrangian points a technical impossibility. This influence may be great enough to entirely destabilize the point: the L3 point of the Sun Earth point is a great example of this, as Venus orbit comes close enough to it that it is highly unstable.

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All the people I talked to about him are rather wealthy, if that adds any perspectiveI went to school with his daughter Tiffany so I had a few interactions with the Donald and all were positive. The one anecdote that I share is from the school plays. Tiffany was involved in the school theatre program and so was my brother so I was usually helping out as an usher for the plays.

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