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2017…. looks set to see rusailing developing a fantastic program of racing!

Whether it’s for a bit of fun, a chance to race in a glamorous European arena or even flat-out, hard-core racing, we have an event in mind for all tastes.

This year, more than others before, we will be providing the very best of opportunities to partake in the most prestigious local(ish) events there are. But, it will only happen if you join us. Mail us now to register your interest so that you can help shape the calendar!

At this early stage, the years’ calendar is still in the planning stage and much will depend on the interests and involvement of our students

phoca_thumb_l_bit windyWinter Series (Cascais, Portugal, winter!) – gritty, highly competitive scene where the ‘rusailing team’ are busy sharpening up their skills and learning the new boat in the fleet. Started as a private enterprise, we now have a second boat there and will be running introduction schemes to introduce students to this very exhilarating class. As well as events in Cascais (easy flight, travel and accommodation in Lisbon), there will be events in the Algarve and Porto leading up to The Worlds being held in Cascais!


X-35 Worlds Preperation Event – Trofeo Gavitello d’Argento (Punta Ala, Tuscany, Italy, May)


Miglia 151 (Tuscany, Italy, May) – exciting coastal race which is conducted with true (and typical) Italian style… 151Nm off the coast of Tuscany, it takes in some beautiful coastline. This years entry will be aboard an X-35, ReadyXsea which should be well suited to the light conditions often experienced in this race. Tactics and strategical decisions are the order of the day for this one…. What a great opportunity to sail with the elite of the Italians, not to mention the after party. Fully Booked



Annual Palos to Lagos Race 2017 on Fireflyarriving in Lagos on 3rd July and sailing from 4th July, training and mileage to Spain. Prologue race on Friday 7th July and then the race back starts on 8th July. Great event with Spain v Portugal and then the party hosted by Portugal this year. 3 places available


X-35 Copa del Rey (Palma de Mallorca, September)


 X-35 one design event – after students enjoyed competing Firefly there in 2012 in perfect daily conditions of 35 degrees and 15 Knots of breeze, rusailing will return Firefly there for a second campaign. With around twenty X-35’s competing, this is a truly stunning event which leaves nothing unseen. No handicaps, no excuses. One for the more serious competitor perhaps….


Rolex Middle Sea Race 2017 (Malta, October) prestigious event with even more competitors than the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Race! A fantastically scenic race around the islands and volcano’s scattering Sicily. At over 600Nm, it’s a truly offshore experience that becomes a tactical battle not just to drive the boat forward but also to keep crew conditions at their best. A favourite with professionals and amateurs alike, it’s a fantastic chance to sail a glamorous race in a glamorous location.


Of course, there are the local events to look forward to as ever……..