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Simon Jinks
Previous RYA Chief Cruising Instructor
…vessel and recognised training centre ethos in very good shape.

Simon G
Carlsberg don’t make sailing academies….. but if they did this would be it!

Sergey from Belarus – September 2013
The studying process was exactly as I expect it should be. Consistent and logical way of explanation, a lot of pratically useful details, patience, affability and at the same time informal way of communication. I would like to return to improve my skills soon.

Ernst – August 2013
As for your question if I got from the week what I expected, well… actually I think you gave me a ‘problem’: Now all I want to do is Sailing! Thank you very much, it was fantastic. And Gary is really an amazing teacher.

Nicky – May 2013
Wanted to let you know (and show off,) that the boat pictured is ours and have been sailing on it for the last 2 months thanks to your excellent tuition. I still have a lot to learn and experience of course….

Jeff and Wendy – November 2012
Rob was brilliant, extremely knowledgable, patient and encouraging. Wendy was a ‘sailing virgin’ but felt confident and safe in his hands. Jeff also commented on his skilful mix of professionalism with friendliness.

Alistair and Katie – September 2012
Just a quick note to say that Katie and I thoroughly enjoyed our day skippers course – so hats off to you, Rob and Richard.

Scott and Tina – August 2012
The boat far surpassed what we were expecting and more, everything we would have required was thought of and on board. Also the tuition was great we could not have asked for a better instructor, he took the time to ensure we were aware and understood what he was teaching or showing us.

James Murphy – March 2012
I was delighted by the personalised nature of your school. For those who are time poor it was perfect. I simply had to book my flight. You expertly planned and executed my week from taxi collection/ drop off, meet & greet and prompt email responses. To my mind you epitomise the service provided by those who love what they do.

Rob Beange – January 2012
The tuition was the best I’ve had so far. This was the first time since my first training course that I’ve left feeling I have learned a lot. Being encouraged to make decisions/take responsibility really helps you to learn more quickly.

Dmitry Kondratiev – Yachtmaster Candidate November 2011 from Moscow
The amount and quality of information were over my expectations, honestly. I’ve never received such full and friendly answers from any “sailing school” before. You explained me some topics I was not sure of, arguing and advising to let me make easy and profitable decisions rather than just inviting me to pass a course I actually may have not needed. Information was provided with good timing, very structured, easy to use and remember, so I even didn’t have to look into travel guide on my long way from Moscow to Lagos. Anyway, everything was organised perfectly.

The boat was fully equipped, I can hardly remember anything I needed and haven’t found. I was surprised to find CDs and big library on board as I’ve never met any in other training centres. It is very nice to see how much you care of the boat and all equipment, it’s so rare nowadays.

Rob, I find you a very experienced instructor and sailor as well, with great experience and lots of hints to apply on board. I started my week very carefully listening to every word you were saying as was waiting for something I could argue, but on the third day I gave up – I understood, that even having quite a lot of sailing and racing experience, there was a lot I could learn and improve my skills and knowledge. The pace of tuition was fitted well to my needs, and I felt quite confident in everything I was doing, without any pressure or useless shouting from your side. Thank you very much for such an experience. You are the best!!!!!!!

Robinson Family October 2011
It was a great week – both as a holiday and as a course. The boat (Annecy) was just lovely – and immaculate – very well stocked for food and the hot meals provided were well beyond our expectations. The tuition was very good – Patrick was very friendly and communicative and seemed to pick up well on what our level was – he always wanted things to be done the correct way – but this has to be the right approach when you’re learning. We had some challenging weather conditions and he dealt with this well – giving us a taste of the strong winds without ever making us feel in danger. We covered all aspects of the syllabus and were left feeling we’d definitely covered the ground properly rather than just ticked the boxes. I would definitely recommend you to friends.

Mark and Irene (The Netherlands) September 2011
We are a couple from The Netherlands and we recently did a RYA Day Skipper private course and a spinnaker experience on the X35 Firefly with RUSailing. The communication, quality of tuition, personal attention (great home made cake and fish curry, thanks Jules!), and overall fun during sailing and non sailing hours has been great! Having the opportunity to do the course on a fast X-35 was an absolute bonus for us, …. 100 ways to trim your sails and a spinnaker of 105m2….., although Annecy is a fantastic ship as well.

Not having an English native tongue was absolutely no problem when communicating with our English instructor Tom. As the international nautical language is English we believe learning the English sailing terminology also adds to safety. However, if there are any people prefering some tuition in Dutch, Patrick is the instructor for you.
In short, great school, great people, great location, great fun!

For all you Dutch people out there…..
Als je een geweldige goede RYA zeilschool zoekt met een persoonlijke benadering in een van de beste vaargebieden van Europa dan kunnen wij je absoluut RUsailing aanraden. We hebben meerdere alternatieven onderzocht maar nergens zul je betere persoonlijke aandacht, kwaliteit en plezier vinden. Mocht je wat meer informatie willen hebben dan kun je ons emailadres opvragen via RUSailing.

Martin – July 2011
I am going to write to the RYA to suggest a ‘league table’ for schools or perhaps a star rating system. As I said during the week with Rob, I had thought that the school I previously learned to sail with near to you guys had taught me well. I now know what they should have taught me and what experience I should have received! Yours was first class from start to finish and in a different league to be honest. Even the location won hands down with what seemed like more reliable winds at your end of the Algarve. It was also refreshing just how much client-focused you were in reality if i hadn’t already realised that from all the prior contact we had. A hearty thank-you to both. I’m looking forward to coming back soon.

Paula and Simon Marshall – June 2011
We would just like to say that from the very start of our dealings with you, through to the very last day how courteous, professional and knowledgeable we found you and your team to be.

We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our course and Patrick was so thorough, patient, knowledgeable and good humoured – we learned so much from him and have already put it into practice as we arrived home yesterday at 2.30 pm and were out sailing by 5pm! Your yacht Annecy is a credit to you and was spotless, extremely well stocked and obviously lovingly and thoughtfully maintained. We are already looking forward to meeting you and Patrick again and hope to see you sometime soon in the furture.
We are both on a high and will highly recommend rusailing!

Andy Dwyer – March 2011
What a great week! It was excellent experience and more than delivered what I was looking for. Found it really valuable in practising skills gained on Coastal Skipper course and building confidence on longer trips. Rob did a fantastic job of keeping a low profile and letting us get on with it when appropriate, but always being there with a well-timed question or observation when that helped our learning. Outstanding.

James – November 2010
I enjoyed the tuition and found the pace and depth of tuition to be brilliant. I learnt more than I expected and was left inspired and looking for more knowledge of sailing experience. I will be looking forward to coming to see you again in the future. I would recommend the experience I had to others and would emphasise the professional training and friendly atmosphere on the boat.

Simon Morecroft group September 2010
We have no hesitation in recommending RU Sailing to others as we felt the whole of the experience from initial contact with you through to disembarkation was absolutely first class. Your assistance in getting everything organised (and then rearranged due to the volcanic ash) was absolutely brilliant. Our instructor was terrific – all 4 of us are reasonably successful in our working lives and were probably not representative of the usual sailing school students – he dealt with us with patience and humour – we were all very impressed.

Andy Mac May 2010 – Now a Yachtmaster!
Just thought I would write and say what a thoroughly great time I had with you guys. The amount I learnt in three weeks is astounding and is a testament to Rob’s teaching ability/technique and a very smoothly run operation. Annecy is the cleanest best maintained and equipped boat I have ever set foot on, very impressive.

Andy O April 2010
I think Lagos is a great place to sail from and especially to learn – it is really nice to have warm weather and the empty sea to learn and practice. It is usually so crowded in the Solent that you spend a lot of time worrying about other yachts, ferries, etc. and don’t get enough time to try things out.

Kevin Feb 2010
I would not hesitate in returning to your school, as I felt that the facilities and location were excellent nor would I hesitate in recommending you to others.

Fern Oct 09
After several weeks of training around Lagos and sailing all over the world I have decided that the Algarve is the best. The local wind conditions are, nine times out of ten, great for sailing and the off shore breeze keeps the sea state slight, and comfortable. The area has the added advantage of being only a couple of hours away from Cape St Vincent, where the Atlantic proper starts. This makes it a good place to train for novices with the added advantage of more challenging conditions for advanced learning too. As a Sunsail owner I have sailed all over the Med and Caribbean, but have to say that I have never had such consistently good winds anywhere else. There is nice food and wine ashore and it’s still not too expensive, which is an added bonus. When I buy my boat I will take her there!

Sarah May 09
My instructor was very clear at explaining everything I asked. He was very patient and made the whole experience for me very enjoyable. I throughly had the best time, an experience I thought I would never have. I was very anxious before going, but was very much made at ease the whole time. I am very keen to put my knowledge to use, and will be able to go out and enjoy sailing more so than before. Thank you for such a wonderful week.

Adam May 09
I will definately be back in about years time to do my Yachtmaster, wouldn’t consider any other school. The sailing conditions were perfect, the weather was great, the tuition was of a very high standard, I covered lots of different aspects of sailing in a short period but was not overwhelmed, was able to take it all in within the 5 days. Was also nice to feel like I got a little holiday out of it in a very picturesque destination. Will definitely be back and will recommend the school to anyone seeking yachting qualifications.

April 09 Alexey joined us from Moscow. On his return he wrote ‘I am still under impression of these 2 wonderful weeks and my thirst for sailing increased even more. Thank you for all!’

Alban February 09
On Annecy it was more comfortable than any stay I ever had on a boat before! It was luxury to me to sleep in a duvet and have my own cabin (I am more used to bunks and sleeping bags on boat!). It was an excellent idea to take two weeks, it allowed me to progressively get the specificities of the RYA teachings. It was great to have an instructor always very knowledgeable of all aspects of the course and beyond that and who’s able to break down complex things or manoeuvers into simple concepts which step by step allow to get to grasp the full concepts. I will certainly recommend rusailing to all my friends.

Richard November 08
Would I recommend you….Absolutely, I have an empty space in my tummy right now – I had a few magic moments that need attention, I’d almost forgotten how good it could feel. Thank you both so much.

Heather October 08
The travel arrangements and instructions were excellent. As I was travelling on my own it was reassuring to have all the instructions carefully outlined. I had absolutely no problems. Rob was a great instructor… very patient with his rather mixed ability crew but he really gave me confidence to try and do more every day. He seemed genuinely pleased when we got it right!! I loved every minute. Equipment and provisions on board were excellent and Annecy is beautifully kept, like being on a new boat. It was nice to have sheets and a duvet, a real luxury, rather than having to bring your own sleeping bag! You came highly recommended and I was certainly not disappointed. Please let me come again soon!!

David & Jean July 08
We would like to tell you both just how impressed we have been by The rusailing Academy. From the initial welcome we felt immediately at ease and could tell that your yacht “Annecy” was very well maintained and with all the safety features installed. After the first day we knew that Rob was a true professional with his knowledge and infinite patience, he genuinely has the talent to instruct people and inspires confidence. He is committed to passing on his many skills.

The course was a truly memorable experience and we have come away armed with so many new skills and a desire to put everything into practice on our own boat. We will not hesitate to recommend rusailing to all we meet. There could not be a more genuine team truly interested in their clients achieving their goals. We shall certainly be returning to build on what we have learnt; probably not on a course, but more to concentrate on areas that can be improved. Thanks to you both for all the input needed to get us through our Coastal Skipper course.

Jean May 08
The tuition was excellent, especially compared with that received for my Day Skipper with another school. I only wish that I had started sailing with rusailing because Rob is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about sailing, his approach is very clear, he has so much patience with students and he adapts the pace to meet individual needs. He also makes it fun! This was an excellent experience, from the day of my first contact with rusailing until the time that we stepped off the boat at the end of the course, I could not help but be very impressed with the caring and professional attitude at this sailing school.

Simon E April 08
Thank you once again for a really outstanding Portuguese sailing experience. Excellent teaching and ideal conditions. I don’t see how it could have been made better.

Peter December 07
…. Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the Coastal Skipper Practical Course and Yachtmaster Prep that I did with you.

Rapidly approaching 60, and after 30 odd years of nothing but motorboats, it came as something of a cultural shock to step onto a yacht with a view to getting a professional qualification. Initially I couldn’t help but feel rather like a rabbit in a cars headlights, but with the thoroughly professional tuition you both provided, slowly but surely things became more natural.

Robs tuition was always pitched at the right level, yet he pushed for as much progress as possible out of each day. I never felt denigrated in any way during the course as you both know how to deliver highly constructive criticism when things are not going according to plan. Equally, when things were going well – you made me feel ten feet tall! I had fantastic value for money, and I really don’t think anyone could have provided better Sailing Education for me.

Woody & Michelle July 07
To sum up …… Everything provided by rusailing far exceeded our expectations. We could not be happier. This is the best training provider we have ever dealt with. Whilst we may be unable to return as students we will be (and already have been!) recommending this training facility to our peers. Well done!

Richard June 07
Just a brief note to let you know how pleased we are that we chose rusailing for my Yachtmaster prep. and Janets’ Competent Crew Course. I don’t have the words to tell you how impressed we were with the incredible/fabulous etc.level of service/instruction/fun etc. that we have experienced with you during the past few weeks.

I’ve not done any other RYA sailing courses,so do not have anything to compare with….. but I believe that we would have been hard pressed to find anyone with more enthusiasm, desire, and ability to impart knowledge and skills, along with the willingness to go the extra mile, put in extra time, and so on and so on. On top of that, you are really nice people, and I hope we have made 2 new friends.

If anyone wants to do a RYA tidal course, or just brush up on their boat handling skills, in sunny climes, I can’t recommend rusailing highly enough.

Dan April 07
Just wanted to say thank you to you and Rob for the excellent 3 days sailing. The area was much better for cruising than I imagined and the experience was easily the most enjoyable I’ve had under RYA tuition, which incidentally was really clear and logical and again the best I’ve experienced. The good company was also very much appreciated. I won’t hesitate in contacting you guys in the future to sort out a full coastal skipper course, I just hope you’re not too busy!

Jeremy March 07
You both make a great team, with helpful email correspondence before coming out, good directions and helpful information. Robs tuition is excellent, based on the fact that he knows the theory and more importantly really does know it in practice as well, all the practical art of boat handling and is an excellent sailor and really understands how to make the boat go quicker.

The standard of everything on the boat is first class, I was impressed how all the safety options were there, yet nothing appeared cluttered and safety did not restrict ones sailing but in fact enhanced it. I enjoyed the week immensely, and will be recommending you to others.

Dean May 06
1st class boat and equipment.Tuition was excellent and pace perfect. I will be back as soon as possible without a doubt.

Marco October 06
Annecy is a great boat, well equiped. Moreover she is maintained extremely well – clean and tidy… Regarding the provision, it was excellent with a broad and fine selection of foods and drink…. The tuition was good: clear, thorough and interesting. I am just sorry that I have no more holidays to use for a while!

Rachel September 05
Rob was excellent. We really benefited from his style of teaching, in that he made the students feel relaxed and we found that we learnt a huge amount in a short time. He took the trouble to explain things even if they were not a requirement for our course, to answer our questions and give us a really useful grounding in the basics. We will return!

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Student Testimonials

My wife and I just finished a week on Annecy, day sailing out of Lagos with Rob helping me to be a better sailor. This was really a first rate experience. Firstly the hardware. Annecy is a superbly equipped and maintained yacht. She delivered a safe and comfortable sailing experience at the full range of conditions we experienced. Over all we had great sailing conditions, with the heaviest weather up to perhaps 20+kts. Annecy was very well behaved and generated confidence to the crew in those conditions. Secondly, Rob is an excellent instructor. Patient, thoughtful and full of sailing knowhow and he also can communicate that information in a clear, understandable manner. I was not working on a specific course of instruction, but wanted to have Rob help me be better in areas where I have little experience. Rob and I discussed this prior to our week of sailing and Rob was great with helping me with what I wanted and additionally seeing where I had other gaps in experience and knowledge and helping to fill those gaps. If you are looking for superb instruction on a beautiful, well maintained and configured yacht, you have found the place. I’m looking forward to having another session with Rob and his team this fall.

Michael – April 2021

Just back from a fabulous week sailing, tuition was brilliant, boat and facilities first class. Many thanks to Rob & Jules, already looking forward to my next trip to the Algarve with rusailing!

Nigel – June 2021

Me and two friends sailed with Rob for a week, completing the Competent Crew and Day skipper levels respectively. We had an amazing time–learning, practicing and gaining confidence by the hour! Rob is extremely patient, clear, and thorough in his teaching and has a great approach to explaining everything in a way that each individual can grasp (everyone is different, after all). Jules handled all the booking and information prior to our trip and made everything very clear so that we could arrive with confidence, knowing what to expect. I would definitely come back to complete more sailing courses when possible! It was super-empowering and I would highly recommend this to women who want to learn how to sail in a safe and friendly sailing school.

Charlotte – June 2021
A fantastic week on Annecy . Top class tuition from Rob, excellent organising from Jules and an amazing location. I learnt an incredible amount in such a short space of time, with the highlight of sailing a Force 6 to Sagres and a night sail back. I won’t forget it, thanks to RUSailing and hope to see you again.
Paul – July 2021

While attending R U Sailing at the end of July ’21 for Coastal Skipper Practical training I was reminded of days long gone. Those days when the customer was right and a quality product was delivered. Never have I been treated and trained so well.

Am I Sailing with more confidence? Yes, Thank you RU Sailing, so far and by far the best RYA school.

Dennis – August 2021

Did a milage trip from Lagos, Portugal to Vigo, Spain with Rusailing and Richard as skipper. This was my third time with Rusailing, and first time with another skipper than Rob. Richard is also very good, experienced and taught me a lot. It was good sailing, even when the weather didn’t co-operate. I recommend Rusailing, and I know I’ll be back again!

Johanna – July 2018

Mum, Dad and teenage son successfully completed our training with RUSailing over a week. Dad is now RYA Day Skipper and Mum and Son Competent Crew due to the excellent tuition provided by our friendly and professional instructor whose sense of humour and patience seemed limitless!!
Aside from the great training, the whole experience was a delight. We were well taken care of and provided with a clean, very fully kitted out boat and generous provisions that satisfied even our always hungry son. One of the highlights for him was the home made soup Jules provided on day 5.
The sailing was varied and we got a wonderful view of the gorgeous Algarve coast. A truly special learning experience for us all. I would recommend this sailing academy without hesitation…!!

Robb Family – March 2018

This is the place to learn and have fun. Rob is so enthusiastic and a joy to sail with – so much knowledge and experience. Excellent tuition without being intimidated in any way. We were on “Firefly “ a racy x-35 kept in Immaculate condition, fully equipped and very comfortable.

The yacht was more than adequately provisioned with extra homemade treats from Jules. The sailing area offers something to everyone, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

Peter – November 2017

I was recommended RUSailing by a friend who learnt everything from these guys 🙂

Both my daughter & myself had had a scary experience on flotilla sailing & hadn’t been on a boat for a few years. We both wanted to learn & more importantly see if we could feel safe, and enjoy being on a boat again… mission accomplished!!!

Course was well paced, Jules was an absolute superstar beforehand (tons of info, and so much support in hotels to stay in/places to go as we stayed a few days before course started). The boat Annecy was great (and sails like a dream)… Learnt so much, can be hard to retain but think that’s just experience & practise…

I’ve actually joined the local sailing club in the UK, and am now doing a 5 week inshore racing intro – so, as I said above, mission accomplished. I haven’t stopped grinning 🙂

Honestly I can’t imagine doing any more sailing courses with anyone else except with these guys. Hats off to Rob & Jules – awesome training school, brilliantly priced, helpful, informative… if you want to do any sailing courses, look no further!!

Jo – September 2017

Just completed and passed, the RYA “Coastal Skipper” practical course with RUsailing, and had to write a review to let anyone who is planning to do anything related to sailing, from an introduction through to yacht master ocean, this has to be the most professionally run sailing school you will find anywhere.
The knowledge & experience of Rob as an instructor is exceptional, this promotes a feeling of totally safety in any situation, in any wind or sea state.
Coupled with the style in which Rob teaches, it only adds to the experience, always at least two steps ahead of anything you or the boat is about to do, he is able to install confidence and ensure your learning is fun.
You can be assured any and all the equipment you will use is maintained to the highest standards with no expense is spared.
The organisation & administration is also at the highest standards, from the booking communications, through to ensuring you have a delicious cooked meal with any special dietary requirements, ready to heat up, if at anchor, only adds to the experience. Thanks guys brilliant week

Stuart – March 2017

First, I want to say that I’ve never taken the time to write a review on TripAdvisor so hopefully that helps to reinforce how wonderful this experience was.

My wife and I took the chance to learn a bit about sailing. We’ve never done any sailing but were keen to give it a go. We organized a 5 day competent crew course through Jules, who was extremely kind and helpful throughout the whole process. Paul “Muddy” Waters was our skipper/instructor. We can’t say enough about Paul. A genuinely wonderful character with a wealth of knowledge, a yearning to share it, and an ability to do it in a fun but serious manner. The boat was in excellent condition and we don’t have a single negative comment. The school of dolphins swimming with us on the last day was icing on the cake.

Thanks for such a wonderful experience and we’ll see you next year for the Day Skipper course.

Eric and Cathy – September 16

As a couple we did a competent crew course on the Sailboat Annecy as a private chartered excursion off 5 days in March 2016. We were treated very nicely and got a perfect course adapted to our future goals.

Rusailing listens very carefully to their customers and just make it happen. With our experience we can only recommend RUsailing, the communication prior to the event was quick and responsive what I could not say from other companies around offering the same packages.

Jimmy and Maud – March 2016

I thought returning to rusailing in Lagos to iron out some rusty sailing skills would be good. The week was in fact superb from start to finish. Lagos is a great sailing area and the yachts beautifully maintained. After 10 years experience in Lagos Rob is now a sailing instructor (and RYA Examiner) in a class of his own. He quietly instils confidence while both communicating the theory and ensuring you master some tricky sailing techniques. He even remained calm after a particular client accidentally triggered the inflation of an onboard lifejacket! The organisation and victualing backup from Jules is great, highly efficient and very personable. The focus of Rusailing is uncompromisingly on the customer, which makes it special.

Roger – March 2016

Regarding the feedback: I only have positive comments to make.  The whole experience during the week matched my expectations, it was everything I hoped it would be.  Your preparation and planning was, as usual, superb.  Thanks again for the salad and cake you made for the trip.  It is a pleasure to train with your school; the instructor’s expertise, knowledge and leadership is great.  You both run a top notch operation!

Robert and Karla – July 2015

We spent several days on a trip from Lagos to Lisbon and back to watch the Volvo race start. Jules prepared everything impeccably for the trip, all arrangements were made for us to travel without a hitch. Rob is truly a master of his craft, handling the boat and coaching us with absolute ease – the X-35 is a beaut, especially coming into Cascais in 30kt winds! I fully recommend them for all RYA training and mileage building needs. Next is our coastal course in July….

Robert – June 2015

Just completed my fourth 5 day training course with RUSailing. Another wonderful week. I’d like to concur with YachtAllan’s review and add that I am always amazed by Rob’s patience, each year I come the poor guy has to repeat so many of the lessons I should have remembered from the previous trip! Sorry Rob, I guess I’m just getting old! Every time we’ve been to The Algarve and sailed with RU Sailing, we’ve been lucky enough to sail with dolphins, a truly magical experience and this alone would be worth the trip! Add in the brilliantly provisioned boat (thanks Jules, just the right amount of everything!), the well kitted out boats, the location, the local restaurants, the marina facilities, the weather!! Perfect!

Julian – April 2015

Just completed Day Skipper in what can only be called challenging conditions. The weather varied from windy to gales and sunshine so we had a complete range of conditions. Our instructor Gary was patient, knowledgeable and encouraging. The boat Annency was superb, well equipped and excellent as a sailing boat. Rob & Jules were thoughtful hosts and ensured we were well informed and catered for. The instruction was challenging educational and at the end of week we all felt ready to skipper our own boat. Through out all this the craic was mighty. I would fully recommend RUSailing as an educational establishment or a place for simply sailing fun and relaxation. If you like the water and messing about in boats you couldn’t do better. My course was in April 2015.

George – April 2015

I have sailed with these guys many times since finding them in 2009 and never fail to have a great time every time.
Having just returned from a brilliant trip with them to deliver a sailing boat to Lisbon and to have sailed with them on various races over the past few years as well as taking RYA set courses I can certainly agree that RU Sailing is much more than a normal sailing school

Alan – April 2014

The studying process was exactly as I expect it should be. Consistent and logical way of explanation,  a lot of pratically useful details, patience, affability and at the same time informal way of communication. I would like to return to improve my skills soon.

Sergey from Belarus – September 2013

As for your question if I got from the week what I expected, well… actually I think you gave me a ‘problem’: Now all I want to do is Sailing! Thank you very much, it was fantastic. And Gary is really an amazing teacher.

Ernst – August 2013

Wanted to let you know (and show off,) that the boat pictured is ours and have been sailing on it for the last 2 months thanks to your excellent tuition. I still have a lot to learn and experience of course….

Nicky – May 2013