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2014 is looking to be busy!

Well, perhaps no different to you, we had to hit the ground running after a ‘school orientated’ 3-day Christmas break in the UK delivering a new SB20 into Cascais to join the fleet and our existing boat there. We made it back to base for 23:00 on New Years Eve. The first yacht movements thereafter being on the 3rd of January!! Talk about catching your breath….. None the less, we have been able to find some time over the winter to get the fleet absolutely tip-top and ready for the year ahead and ready to keep ahead.

Reflecting, 2013 was certainly a great year for us and 2014 is looking to be just as busy already. To top the increasing interest in ‘normal’ schooling activities, we have plans to go on some one, two and three boat tours providing exciting, structured mileage building opportunities. We have also just presented an exciting race calender currently at the proposal stage. Get involved in something different this year and join us – make early enquiries not just to secure your place but also to help shape what we do and where we go.

One noteable change in our courses for 2014 will be the way that the SRC VHF Radio is taught/assesed. Previously, this has been done by one Instructor/Assesor in one day. In order to comply with new legislation, this is being changed to be delivered in two sessions. To facilitate this, we are launching an online teaching module specifically for the Radio course. This means that you can learn this module in the comfort of your own home and then combine an assesment whilst you are here for your practical sailing course. Bingo! Great for becoming a ‘Complete Day Skipper’ or for adding the licence to the practical ones you already have.