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Off to a speedy start in 2017!

It’s all go. …. and whilst we start to get our Portuguese season underway we have never really stopped! Many of you will know that we were busy in November 16 taking Thindra across the Atlantic with the ARC. This gave us the fabulous opportunity of running an extended mileage trip to the Canaries and then a full-blown ocean experience for those sailing to the Caribbean. For many, it was a life long challenge and it didn’t disappoint. In racing class we managed a very credible 4th in class, 17th in racing and 30th overall (from some 240 boats). We even managed a Swedish supper night rounded off with Schnapps and a mid-ocean swim during some lulls. Great time!
Since then and until now, the Caribbean was, well, idyllic. Crystal clear waters, steady breezes and most of all fabulous locals.
Anyway, back to Portugal and the school. We seem busier than ever with enquiries and bookings but still wanted to offer some new options for 2017.

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